Inspirational Woman of the Week: Nicole Pullen-Ross

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of attending the Drexel Women in Business – May Tea featuring keynote speaker Nicole Pullen-Ross. The event brought together women from a variety of backgrounds and majors to discuss how to be successful in business. The group shared some similar concerns including how to find an effective work life balance, how to be taken seriously and how to move up the corporate ladder.

After earning an undergrad degree in accounting from Hampton University, Nicole Pullen-Ross started her career at JPMorgan doing financial reporting and analysis. She later went on to receive an MBA at Columbia University and is currently the Managing Director at Goldman Sachs. She leads their Private Wealth Management team for the entire Mid-Atlantic Region, a team responsible for managing over $20 billion dollars in assets. Nicole’s story should serve as great inspiration for young women who are hoping to start a successful career in business.

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The Truth About Plan B

Plan B One StepThe reproductive rights debate is making headlines again – this time the conflict is over the availability of Plan B and whether minors should be able to purchase this drug over the counter. Once again, women’s health is being overshadowed by political motivation and agendas in this conversation. Luckily, Judge Edward R. Korman of New York stood up for women’s health by rejecting the Obama administration’s attempts to undermine a ruling that would make Plan B readily available for all ages without a prescription.

Plan B, also referred to as ‘the morning after pill’, is a medication intended to to prevent pregnancy after having unprotected sex. When taken within three days, Plan B is 98% effective at preventing a pregnancy from taking place. The effectiveness of the drug diminishes rapidly over the course of those three days, so it is recommended that you take it within the first 24 hours for maximum protection. Since it is so imperative that this drug be taken quickly, requiring women to have a prescription is diminishing its effectiveness and putting women at risk of unplanned pregnancy. By requiring minors to see their doctor, we restricting the age group that needs this medicine the most.
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Madam President

ap42865078560President Obama was sworn into his second-term in the White House just four months ago, but the media is already speculating on possible candidates for the 2016 presidential race.  Right now, there is one democrat who is on everyone’s list of potential front runners – Hillary Clinton. Could 2016 be the year that the United States finally elects a woman to its most powerful position? Some recent polls are indicating that a female commander-in-chief could be in our near future. I am hopeful and optimistic that 2016 will be a landmark election and the United States will finally join the list of nations with a female head of state.

Hillary Clinton already has strong support from her party; a Quinnipac poll of democrats reported that 65% said they would vote for Clinton if she decided to run in a presidential primary.  It actually seems that American voters on both ends of the political spectrum are ready to elect a female president.  A poll conducted by Emily’s List found that 86% of voters believe that America is ready to elect a female president, and 72% actually believe that it is likely to happen in the next election. This poll demonstrates a huge shift in thinking – Gallup has asked American voters every year if they would endorse a female candidate for president and as a nation, we were not always on board.  In 1937, only 33% said that they would vote for a female candidate for president.  Luckily, this percentage improved to 54% in 1958, 76% in 1978 and to 92% in 1999.  It took a while, but the American people are finally recognizing women’s ability to succeed at all levels of government.

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